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Professional Writing Services

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have a unique perspective on communication.  I am clinically trained to:

  • Adjust my communication to different audiences (parents, children, adult clients, funding providers)

  • Select the most salient and important information to target

  • Make topics engaging

  • Facilitate learning

As a healthcare professional, I have:

  • Experience in reading and writing research papers

  • An understanding of medical terminology

  • The ability to present technical information to more general audiences

  • Inside knowledge of how other healthcare practitioners (in clinics, hospitals and research settings) access information

How I Can Help You

My experience and writing abilities mean I can help you:

  • Write healthcare content for your blog or newsletter

  • Conduct interviews to tell stories

  • Summarize research into digestible information

  • Organize presentations

  • Create patient-friendly handouts

  • Generate copy for your services or website

Have an idea for a writing project? Just ask!

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